Chrome causing stuttering

29.04.2021 By Zulkidal

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How to Fix Video Stuttering and Glitching on Windows 10?

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Question of the Week: What should people look for when upgrading their monitor s at home? Click here to ask away! Thread starter electrohermit Start date Dec 29, Tags Chrome. Sidebar Sidebar.

chrome causing stuttering

Forums Apps Apps General Discussion. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next Sort by votes. Dec 29, 1 0 10 0. The latest version of Chrome on latest Windows 10, out of the blue, began to micro-freeze for a split second and it stutters on a pattern of every other second, non-stop.

This micro-freezing is evident when a web page is scrolled, same timing. YouTube playback likewise roughly every 2 seconds a micro-freeze of a split-second. YouTube stutter affects only video, not the audio portion. I discovered that clicking on, say a text document and bringing it to the desktop foreground - thus moving Chrome into the background but still visible clears up the YouTube micro-freezing!

Click back on Chrome as the same YouTube video is playing and the stuttering returns as Chrome returns as foreground app. I have an updated version of Windows 10 and I uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome, problem persists.

In all fresh installations of chrome, stuttering returns. I ran procexp. I tried turning off Avira anti-virus temporarily. I turned off all extensions in Chrome, but do recall that I did fresh installs with everything off, stuttering persists. I do not believe deleting the 'default' folder in c: is the issue as each new Chrome install has its own default folder on c: yet stutter persists. I tried moving the monitor HDMI cable to one of the other video cards, the stuttering persists, so it is not card related.Discus and support Video stutters in Chrome Browser Only in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; I searched and found several threads on computers stuttering during video, but nothing that addresses my issue.

When playing Netflix, Amazon or any Discussion in ' Browsers and Email ' started by stealth, Dec 20, Windows 10 Forums. Windows Video stutters in Chrome Browser Only Discus and support Video stutters in Chrome Browser Only in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; I searched and found several threads on computers stuttering during video, but nothing that addresses my issue.

Video stutters in Chrome Browser Only. Win User. Goussaertt Win User. Windows 10 issue: Video stuttering especially bad on YouTube. Any solutions? I believe it has something todo with the windows codecs?

Video plays fine in third party software chrome, vlc. Any ideas? Goussaertt, Dec 20, Also, is Chrome current with updates? Edit: Also temporarily disable your extensions to see if any effect. Yes and Yes. It only started after the last update. I'll wait and see what happens after the next one. Meanwhile will use Firefox for any videos. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.Everytime I use open. It's not because of hardware acceleration, I tried without it and the same result happens.

Once I close the spotify tab the computer immediately returns to normal so there's definately something going on between Chrome and Spotify. I tested the web player on Firefox with the same extensions and hardware acceleration and there is no issue with Firefox. Go to Solution.

Thanks for providing the link with the workaround. Not sure what happened to your original message - apologies for that. Could everyone who is experiencing this issue try the workaround mentioned there and see if that fixes the issue for you? I'm copying the steps in full below:. View solution in original post. First make sure that your Chrome is up-to-date. If it is, could you try using an incognito window and see if it helps?

Let us know how it goes! Chrome is up to date, same issue occurs in incognito.

chrome causing stuttering

I even uninstalled any Chrome extentions and tried a fresh install of Chrome. If not, check for saved local files on the Spotify app. If you have any local files source under the app's settings, disable them and see if it helps. I'm using a free account. There is 1 static banner ad when the webpage loads, I doubt it is causing the issue. I removed some playlists and it seemed to help by reducing the time it takes to load the site but once I play a song it consistently stutters my whole PC every couple of seconds, and it keeps doing that even after I pause the music.

And side note, the music plays back flawlessly while the rest of the PC stutters. I tried using the webplayer and Chrome on another PC and it works fine so it might originally be a bad Chrome install. I can't be bothered to reinstall Chrome when Firefox is working fine so I'll just use that. I've got this same problem. Probably just gonna give up on Spotify altogether cause I need to be using Chrome.

This happens with Chrome and Opera; and in Edge it doesn't cause the same kind of system stutters, but briefly freezes everything each time the song changes.

Using Premium and forced to use web player at work, Impossible to work in photoshop or other cursor based creation tool because of a lag that occurs every 3 seconds continously and freezes the whole machine for a fraction of a second. Same problems. It started two weeks ago. When I am listening spotify in Chrome, PC is lagging. When I am listen in Explorer PC freezes when the song is changed.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy.This thread was archived. Please ask a new question if you need help. Hi, I've a brand new asus zenbook UX with windows 10 Now I've noticed an issue with firefox's videos in terms of stuttering and lagging. At first it was only on fullscreen but after going into safe mode it's been doing it even on smaller videos.

This applies to all my usual streaming sites including youtube. I do not have any of these issues on Microsoft edge but being a long time Firefox user, I have no intentions of switching if I can help it. I've tried disabling hardware accelerating. I've checked for latest drivers. I've got into safe mode and disabled my addons Only adblocker and noscript.

Alright after extensive tinkering my hardware acceleration is activated once more but webgl is deactivated. That fixed it. Does this occur on any specific websites? By stutter, do you mean the video is loading choppily?

Sometimes, this can be due to a bandwidth issue. No it stutters during playback. It happens on any streaming site YouTube.

VLC p videos in the regular player work fine. I checked Chrome and that also works just fine. No issues in playback.

It loads properly Andrew but the playback is choppy and it sometimes loops small fragments over. So after about 2 minutes the audio is obviously desynced from the video. Try disabling graphics hardware acceleration. Since this feature was added to Firefox, it has gradually improved, but there still are a few glitches.

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You will need to restart Firefox for this to take effect so save all work first e. If the problem is resolved, you should check for updates for your graphics driver by following the steps mentioned in these Knowledge base articles:.

If this doesn't help, please see Fix common audio and video issues.This information will be visible to anyone who visits or subscribes to notifications for this post. Are you sure you want to continue? Go to the Legal Help page to request content changes for legal reasons. Google Help. Help Center Community Google Chrome. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Submit feedback. Send feedback on Help Center Community Announcements.

Google Chrome.

chrome causing stuttering

This content is likely not relevant anymore. Try searching or browse recent questions. Original Poster - David Bakut. When watching YouTube in Chrome video stutters and drops a lot of frames.

It happened on the standard version of chrome and I have switched to canary and its still the same issue. I am on the latest version of windows and all drivers are up to date. Using Edge browser not a single frame is dropped and playback is smooth.

And yes Hardware acceleration is enabled in chrome and if I disable it the problem just gets worse as then it maxes out my CPU and doesn't use the GPU at all. Crashes and Slow PerformanceWindowsCanary. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 0. All Replies Recommended Answer. Same issue here so I changed from i to iK now 5 frames are dropping in 4k on Google Chrome Browser.

Google user. Original Poster. David Bakut. Still nothing There is no reason that Edge browser should be handling youtube better than chrome does. But frame shouldn't be dropping at al Other browsers only drop frames when switching between fullscreen and back. With chrome there are dropped frames consistently just watching the videos.When you are totally immersed in the critical moment of a YouTube video, all of a sudden, it lags a lot.

Well, curb an impulse to smash things, you should learn more to correct YouTube videos stuttering first.

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How to fix YouTube video lag? Thinking about that when you're watching a video or movie on YouTube, it plays and pauses every several seconds.

chrome causing stuttering

It's a really frustrating and annoying experience that will make you crazy. Such YouTube videos lagging problem just takes you more times and definitely spoils your mood. Q: I'm trying to watch some YouTube videos on my computer, but somehow my YouTube videos are becoming really jerky and choppy, even skipping and ending early as well as slowing down my browser Google Chrome.

When it is completely buffered and streamed, YouTube video lags literally every two seconds. Why do YouTube videos stutter? Do you encounter similar lagging YouTube videos and want to know why YouTube lags on chrome? To fix YouTube videos lagging playback issue, the following tricks will be helpful. You can follow the technical method in part 1 to solve the YouTube video lagging issue temporarily.

Alternatively, the second method makes it come true when fixing YouTube video stuttering chrome and other YouTube playback problems you may come across in the future. If you want to find a durable solution, you can move to Solution 2 directly. So YouTube lagging in chrome issue is a common case. Moreover, the old version of Adobe Flash would lead to videos lagging on browsers. Many people like to use Google Chrome that worked well to play YouTube before, but one day some of you may find YouTube video lagging behind audio.

Besides using other browsers to see if YouTube videos stuttering problems are missing, you can also try the following methods. Option 1. An overloaded browser would cause YouTube videos lag. If you have opened too many tabs at one time, close them and play the videos again.

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Option 2. If there are too many records that take up the room, which may lead to the lagging problem. Option 3. So do other browsers. Some extensions would slow down video buffering and even block YouTube videos. Find the extension, disable or uninstall it. Tips: You need to uncheck the Enabled box of extension one by one and play YouTube videos to find the one causing YouTube playback issues. This software also performs as a professional video converter that helps you to convert YouTube videos to iPhone, Android and other devices for handy playback.

If you have tried all the methods above, but still completely troubled with "why is my YouTube lagging", you can check whether the PC video card driver is out of date or not. Update it to the latest version. Another fix for YouTube lagging error is to disable the hardware acceleration on the browser.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced….

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[Resolved] Fixes to YouTube Video Stuttering in Chrome

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Question of the Week: What are some tricks to getting the best performance out of our home computers? Thread starter xluryan Start date Jan 22, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Software Windows JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Nov 20, 4 0 10, 1. Every five seconds or so my screen would freeze for a fraction of a second. At first I thought it was because my monitors were running at different refresh rates.

I had one monitor running at Hz while the other two were still at 60Hz. So I bought two more monitors of the exact same model as the Hz, and they're all running at Hz now. But the issue persists. While investigating this issue, I noticed that it wasn't just in games that these micro-stutters occur, but also in all applications, including Chrome itself. This can be observed by just moving the mouse in a circle pattern. Every few seconds you will see the cursor jump and the fluidity of the movement will be broken.

This might be harder to observe on monitors with lower refresh rates.